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PORON EVExtend® Battery Pad Material

Rogers PORON EVExtend foam is a battery pad material specifically designed to address the challenges of EV/HEV applications.

PORON EVExtend battery pad material is the latest advancement in protecting and extending battery life. Designed to address the unique challenges of Electric and Hybrid-Electric Vehicle batteries, PORON EVExtend outperforms other battery pad solutions on the market, offering superior levels of reliability and long-term durability.

  • Thickness range of .039 to .118 in (1 to 3 mm)
  • Flat CFD Curve
  • Tight specification of 5% on compression set (per ASTM D3574 at 70⁰C)
  • PORON EVExtend 43HBF offers an increased flammability rating on thinner grades of the product
  • PORON EVExtend 43HBF is halogen-free and UL certified as HBF or HF1 (product-dependent)
  • PORON EVExtend maintains constant pushback force, allowing designers to meet both beginning and end of life limits despite pouch expansion
  • Excellent durability and long-term performance
  • Maintains original thickness and properties throughout the life of the battery

Rogers’ PORON® cellular urethane foam was engineered to have excellent memory (compression set resistance). Whether in gasket design, sealing, cushioning or vibration management, the PORON® line of products are low-outgassing, non-fogging, non-corrosive and will not become brittle and crumble. There are a wide range of PORON® materials available meet versatile design requirements.

Seal and Design is a Roger's PORON Preferred Converter

PORON and BISCO materials are sold through an exclusive network of Preferred Converters, a select group of partners who deliver an exceptional level of service and support for Rogers products.


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